Urban Decay Naked Nail Set

When i saw this set on the Sephora set i ordered it in an instant since i had a gift card ...... My overall impressions is not as enthusiastic.

The color are OK but nothing wow or unique. The formula was not the best and opacity left a bit to be desired on a few of them.  The worst offenders are Toasted since i needed 3 coats, the rest of the colors are 2 coats each and Creep which for me would need a 3rd coat for it to be to my liking.  Sidecard is a pretty top coat color though.

Do you need the set ?  NO ! well unless you like to get every collection that comes out . I sincerely can say that had i not had that gift card this would be going back to Sephora. The cost of the set is
$26 USD. You can order trough the sephora website here. It says that is only available online but i have read that others have seen the set in stores.


  1. That is good to know. I was so tempted to order it today but I am glad I saw your review 1st. Now I know I don't need it:)

  2. Thank you for swatching these!

  3. Bummer that you didn't care for the formula. I really like the colors, though, especially Toasted, Smog, and Hustle. I'm a sucker for pretty neutrals and these look like they're in a different finish than most of what I have. And, the price isn't bad for six polishes.

  4. I like Smog but it looks like something else. I am not sure what. Do you know any dupes or anything close? I am thinking it is a Zoya?

    1. i need to check the stash i will let you know. BUt yes it looks like something i have seen before .