Lacquistry - Princess Frostine

So i still have some of my Lacquistry customs that i haven't shown you :p . While i was growing up me and my sister used to play Candy Land all the time . I even had a birthday themed around the game . So when the opportunity showed a few months back when Jenna was taking orders for customs i obviously used my childhood memories take charge.  My favortie character was Princess Frostine and oh my guess what ? .....  that is the name i choose for the polish. 

Frostine is a white base polish with purple, green and pink glitters. Its beautiful <3 .
 I was going to use it over a white polish but I wanted something different and i had an untried Bettina that i wanted to use.  Ok first of all why do pastels have to be soooo tricky to apply. I mean they look chalky but oh so pretty once you finish. I used Bettina Vanity as my base ( 2 coats) with 2 coats of Frostine . Slapped some Gelous and my Holy Grail top Coat ( HK GIRL By Glisten and Glow) and i have this whimsy , squishy and candy looking nails that i can't help to plan my next adventure in the pastel realm with Frostine.

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