Estee Lauder Spring 2013 Paris Macarons / Heavy Petals

Can Estee Make up their minds ????? some promo has them as paris macarons others as heavy petals. I prefer the paris name so in my mind they will be that. 

Sooo a few weeks ago i saw the promo pics for the Estee Lauder spring collection. I was in love. I have to say the blue surprised me since it looked more idk darker than in real life. The formula was easy to use and each one took 2 coats plus top coat.

I went with the whole collection because i had $$$ from the Sears Rewards program that were set to expire this week. I usually save them for this type of purchase :D . Soooo on with the show .

The Colors are described by Estee Lauder as :

Narcissist – dew rose
Dilettante  – blueberry
Coral Cult – pink berries
Lilac Leather – dream lavender
Absinthe – delicate spring tea

 Do you need them ?  ....... It depends if you have a million pastels and don't care for more then no. But if you are looking for pretty pastels this might be for you.  Had i not had those rewards would i have purchased the whole collection?  Nope i was planning on only getting 3 when i saw the promo pics but with the rewards it was getting 2 free so Coral Cult & Absinthe came home with me. Plus my aunt paid for 1 as a late christmas present. 

Estee Lauder polishes are $20 USD .

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    1. It was one of my faves when i was doing the swatches it has this crelly ( jelly/creme) finish that looks lovely plus it doesn't give me lobster hands