Bettina Summer Dream

Disclaimer : Following products that are reviewed where purchased by me.

So let me start by saying how sorry i'm for being away for so long ( again !! yes i know . ) I have been super busy apartment hunting and had a whole adventure doing that . Also i need your help. My cuticles look so bad :( i need new cuticle cream. I'm soooo tempted to get the Dior one since i have been hearing so many good things.So leave your suggestions in the comments.

So i stumbled ( again ) on the new Bettina collection for summer called "Summer Dream" .  I immediately gravitated towards Epic and Hopeful i will tell you why later. I have to say that i was a bit disappointed  in the previous collection( PICNIC )  formula wise but this collection made up for it . All of them are 2 coats plus 1 coat of Glisten & Glow top coat.

Ok so why did i run towards the previous mentioned shades ?  Well i was attracted to Dior Mango and Lime but missed them in stores then Macys online has them but their shipping is sucky to PR i need to ship to my sister in the states so she can then forward it to me in PR . But then this 2 shades are close enough for me so i'm happy . 

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Bettina Picnic

Today i have the new Picnic collection by Bettina.

 For those that don't know Bettina is a brand from Puerto Rico and they have been in the market for close to 25 years. I try not to venture into the Bettina isle at Wal-mart because it can get crazy . Hold it let me show you what i mean. 

See !!!!!!!! anyway back to the review. The formula was a bit of a pain in some and it shows in the application i added 4 drops of thinner to Pond and Butterfly and they applied smoothly. I do love the whole collection and they will make amazing undies for glitterbombs . Bettinas are $2.49-$2.99 depending on where you get them . Walgreens has  them 2 for $5 all the time. My must have from the collection are : Fruit Punch, Pond & Butterfly.

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500 Facebook Likes Giveaway

GIVEAWAY TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so for getting to 500 Facebook likes i'm giving away the Bettina Picnic Collection to 1 lucky Winner. Open to US Residents Only. . And to all of you thank you !

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Nostalgic Nail Lacquer - Girls on Film

Before i start i want to say that sorry for using my iphone but my camera is with Sony for repairs and every time i go check they tell me 1 more week ... lets hope that week is this one .

 So i have been neglecting Nostalgic for the last few months i know but well so many new brands and i promised myself no impulse buys so i'm only buying what i will wear not just to hoard polish . But her winter collection knocked my socks off and i had to get 3 out of the 6 shades . I have for you today "Girls on Film" part of her New Wave Winter collection .

Girls on Film  is best described as bubble gum pink with pink and purple glitters.  I put 1 coat of revlon powderpuff as a base so i have no VNL and i don't want this pretty shade to run out on me . It only took 2 coats of GOF . You know i love my gelous since i'm OCD on my glassy finish and of course my HK Girl top coat .

 Look at all that pink and purple <3  you can tell i love those colors.

 You can get her polishes from her store . Price is $9.75 USD per polish  . Also you can follow her on Facebook to keep up with new collections and other stuff.

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Random Swatches of Chanel and Estee Lauder

Ok here are some swatches of Chanel Malice and  Estee Lauder : Caviar & Black Turquoise

 Chanel Malice $26 USD

 Estee Lauder $20 USD

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L'oreal Trendsetter Collection

Today i have the new L'oreal Collection: Trendsetter .

 To me they are a good alternative to all the pastels we are seeing for next spring. This collection is a good alternative for those of you on a budget or simply those that don't like paying too much for nail polish.The formula was nice and it was opaque in 2 coats followed by 1 coat of top coat. One thing though the blue is a more brighter turquoise blue in person its really pretty but no matter the light i tried it came out looking like a dusty turquoise ( think L'oreal Club Prive ) instead of the vibrant color it is.

this one is a red-pink

I decided to keep 3 colors for me the other 3 my mom and sister took :D . I got lucky that my Walgreens had a sale but idk why they were ringing up buy 1 get 1 free instead of buy 1 get 1 50 % off . Oh i had a coupon for $1 off that you can find in the L'oreal website for any L'oreal product. All of this brought my total to $1.99 per polish instead of the usual $6.49 .

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