L'oreal Trendsetter Collection

Today i have the new L'oreal Collection: Trendsetter .

 To me they are a good alternative to all the pastels we are seeing for next spring. This collection is a good alternative for those of you on a budget or simply those that don't like paying too much for nail polish.The formula was nice and it was opaque in 2 coats followed by 1 coat of top coat. One thing though the blue is a more brighter turquoise blue in person its really pretty but no matter the light i tried it came out looking like a dusty turquoise ( think L'oreal Club Prive ) instead of the vibrant color it is.

this one is a red-pink

I decided to keep 3 colors for me the other 3 my mom and sister took :D . I got lucky that my Walgreens had a sale but idk why they were ringing up buy 1 get 1 free instead of buy 1 get 1 50 % off . Oh i had a coupon for $1 off that you can find in the L'oreal website for any L'oreal product. All of this brought my total to $1.99 per polish instead of the usual $6.49 .

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  1. Nice review! :) I've been quite happy with L'Oreal's polishes. Most are a little sheer but the colors are classic and lovely. And I love the bottles. Of this collection I like Royalty Reinvented and New Money. These new absinthe greens have been looking really cool to me lately. ANd is it just me, or do the two pinky ones look really similar?

    1. nope its not you at the store i had to triple check that i had taken 2 different colors . But on the nail one looks red and the other pink. I'm still annoyed that the blue doesn't cooperate with me ughhh i might try tomorrow outside if there is sun . This were great to work with 2 coats give full opacity and it leveled itself out.

    2. Nice! It sounds like they've improved their formula a bit since last year, then.