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Normally when i get stuff for review i do 1 post but i got a surprise while working with one of the polishes i got from Missi at Different Dimensions that i had to give this polish its own post. 

First let me introduce you to the blue loveliness that is Estee Lauder "Blue Blood" . This is a dark navy blue that has a bit of secret shimmer which reminds me of Chanels but not really. It applied ok just a bit too thick for my taste and for a polish that is $20.00 USD you better apply like a dream. I do have to say that it self leveled and i was happy with the results after i added my top coat. 

Pretty right?  but then my glitter senses started to itch and i had to go to my indie drawer and while there i remembered the ones i got for review . I was floored with the end result like i can't freaking stop looking at my nails.  

Sign Your 'X' On The Line is a mix of silver flakes and gold shreds in a clear base.  So this is only 1 coat over blue blood and look how amazing it looks.  I can't wait to try this over a red. It really applied smoothly and you know me i add a gelous coat to every glitter i use. Some top coat and you have this pretty appearance . 



I wanted to get one of the gold leaf top coats but at $30 each .... heck even $15 is making me think it over a lot. I think this polish killed that want that i had and it makes me happy . I do need to buy the full size of this one and one other i loved from the 4 i got to review . The other 3 polishes are coming up in my next post later in the week so look out for that. 


You can get Different Dimension polishes from her etsy shop  . Also you can follow updates on her FB page.

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