CrowsToes - Cheshire :D

Welcome back !!!!!!!!

Today's post is going to be short since i have been feeling awful . NEVER drinking more than 2 cups of coffee in a day . I had about 7(10 ounces in each one ) plus some other salty crap  and my blood pressure was trough the roof ( 160/100 ) so i had to go to the ER and get that taken care of . The doctor was super nice but did give me the speech . 

I have for you the gorgeous CrowsToes Cheshire , which can only be described as gorgeous. Its a Purple,pink and gold glitter that with one coat you have a very good packed coverage. I have to say that a few other polishes from this line are on my wishlist and i plan to get them soon.

Since i'm going trough my untrieds ( over 100 left ) i went with OPI Ink!  which i think really brings the whole combo to a new level. Right now her Bigcartel shop is closed, but her polishes are being sold trough Overall Beauty ( so stalk i saw Cheshire there today) and coming soon to Llarowe

So lets go trough my layer 
- base coat
- 1 coat of OPI Ink 
- 1 coat of Cheshire
- 1 coat of Gelous 
- 1 coat of Seche Vite 

i know it seems like a lot but its sooo worth it for that smooth and glassy finish we all love . I can say without doubt that this has been my favorite indie polish so far.

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  1. Beautiful! I've been lemming this for a while! Hehe.

    I've been just as bad about not posting. Things have just been insane and one day hopefully I'll get a break. Lol.

  2. Really beautiful!! I've only recently heard of this brand (hangs head in shame). I think OPI is the perfect underpants.

  3. soooo prettty!!! can't wait for my crowstoes!!



  4. very very pretty!!

    can't wait for my crowstoes!!