it's Summertime !!!!! .........well almost :)

So living on an island allows you some great summer weather all year round but for those that live in places where you can feel the cold this would be the perfect pick me up. It screams summer, fun and fireworks. I have to say that today is a first in my life . I have NEVER used yellow nail polish and i broke my no yellow ban today . I went with FingerPaints "Lemon Sour" its a very pretty pastel yellow that was part of their spring collection which i got 4 of them during Sally's Clearance sale (more on that on a later post) 

Today i have Once Upon A Polish "Dragon Spit  " (no bar glitter version ) and this is my first polish from her . I will be buying more for sure specially her "Glitter Droppings" . 

Dragon Spit is a clear base blue,red,purple and orange gliter that packs a punch . You basically can get a very hefty coverage in one coat. As for Lemon Sour i have to say it wasn't streaky after i did my top coat so i'm liking their formula so far. 

keep reading lovelies............

OUAP describes Dragon Spit as " Clear base packed with holographic, red, purple, blue, and orange glitters" yup  i went back to look at my bottle after reading this and yes their is holographic glitter in there . 

 I did 2 coats of FingerPaint's "Lemon Sour", 1 thin coat of fast dry top coat ,  1 coat of Dragon Spit, 1 coat of Gelous and finally one coat of Seche Vite . I love how they came out it looks like cupcake frosting with sprinkles .

You can get Dragon Spit form OUAP on Etsy but it sold out so you have to wait until restock . For restocking info you can check her FB page . Dragon Spit will set you back $8.50 but its worth it.

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  1. Very pretty! I love this combo.

    I never really wear yellows either but sometimes they make the perfect companion to something. :)

  2. so pretty!

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    devorelebeaumonstre.com xx