Robin Laid an Egg

So for this one i have to say THANK YOU to ashleigh@nailbrite. She was super duper kind when i mentioned that i was bummed that NVL didn't ship here and got me my 1st one . I was a very happy girl the day i got her package .

I'm really loving this white base multicolor glitter polishes they look super nice for this time of the year mmm maybe a green,red & gold for x-mas ?  Anyway back to topic ..... so yeah this white base polish has some muted toned glitters with some gold . I did 2 coats of a basic white polish and 1 coat of Robin Laid and Egg then topped it all with a top coat.

keep reading lovelies...............

On her shop NVL describes it as "Robin Laid An Egg has a white base with small and ultra fine blue, purple/pink, and yellow glitter."  The consistency of the polish was great no need for thinner so i loved it . There was enough glitter in each brush dip so i didn't have to go fishing for the glitters pieces which i hate .  

For more information on how to purchase you can go to NVL FB page or check out her Etsy shop , but right now is closed , as always you can ask to be notified when she reopens . Also you can find some of her polishes on NinjaPolish.com and you can also ask to be notified when they restock the shades since they are out of stock at the moment.

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  1. Sooo pretty! I can't wait to wear mine and will definitely keep an eye out for you when she reopens! :D