Rainbow Honey's Sakura Matsuri 2012 Spring Collection

What a mouthful for a blog post title. Anyway i first saw RH on etsy with her Gamer type spring collection 3 out of the 7 shades caught my eyes but i put them on favorites and forgot about them. I finally stumbled on her FB page and saw swatches for her new collection and i was hooked. If you purchased the collection that weekend or had it preordered like i did you had a surprise included on your oder, well get to that at the end but for now enjoy the pics .

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So i was all excited when i got my mail today . Her attention to detail in packaging and presentation is one of the best i have seen in indie polishes . In the green bag is the surprise you got for buying her whole collection.

Ok the collection was release to celebrate the springtime season . The smell is pleasant no stench or unpleasantness. Going by the swatches i made the application went smoothly and glitter was easy to apply but since i like my glitters on the thinner side a few drops of thinner can fix that.

L-R : Whistful - Ephimeral - Hanami- Koi Pond

L-R : Whistful - Ephimeral - Hanami- Koi Pond

Ok in the green bag where some extra goodies she sent as a surprise and it was only available if you got the whole collection during that weekend. Inside i found a flower glitter top coat, a scented top coat and a cuticle balm.  I have been asking her ( annoying the heck out of her ) to make the flower top coat into a full size , its super cute and i don't want to use it up. The scented top coat , well there is not much to say about that because i can't identify the smell it has but as long as you don't glue your nose to the bottle is a subtle smell. I have not tried the cuticle balm yet, i will update on that as soon as i try it.

Here is a close up of the flower top coat

Some more swatches .........

L-R : Whistful  - Ephimeral

L-R: Hanami - Koi Pond - Flower Glitter Top Coat

Right now her shop is closed but you can go here and ask to get notified when she comes back .


  1. Beautiful I will be checking out her polishes as soon as my wallet recovers a little, if that's possible LOL!! I nominated you for an award on my blog, which can be found on my profile. Congrats! :D

    1. aww thank you ..... i have been making a nail polish budget because this is getting ridiculous

  2. They look very pretty, but I'm more interested in the flower top coat it's super cute.