Rainbow Honey - Hanami & Ephimeral

Like i mentioned in yesterday's post i got my RH Sakura Matsuri collection and was very happy with what i got , so much so that I'm already stalking to pre- order her next collection. For today i have the two pink shades of the collection Hanami & Ephimeral .

Keep reading lovelies ..........

Hanami can be described as jelly-glitter  polish. The reason i say this is that when it finishes drying it looks all shiny and i just want to poke it like its a squishy thing .  I like my glitters on the thinner side so a few drops of thinner were added to my bottle once i got it yesterday.Application was easy but i did 2 coats to get a really candy like effect . Also i didn't have to go fishing for glitter pieces every dip came out with a good variety of sizes .

Ephimeral can be describe as a pink shimmer polish but is so more than that. When put in the light and looked at it closely you can see this multi color shimmer and gives it a very girly-delicate effect. I only needed 2 coast to get it opaque with no VNL.  There was no streaks or patches , it really went on smooth and very uniform.

I decided that i wanted a subtle accent nail and went for a shimery purple i layered 1 coat of each Hanami & Ephimeral , but my pictures are not cooperating today and all of them look pink .

Some more pictures to get you all excited .

Right now her shop is closed but you can go here and ask to get notified when she comes back .


  1. I feel in love when i got mine and I do not say that very often . I'm so glad you are giving the honey props.

  2. Gorgeous! I'll have to check this indie polish maker out. Good stuff!