Because Not All Minty Shades Are Created Equal

So this came because i was having a conversation with a friend ....  he was looking at my polish racks and turns to me and said " why do you have so many of the same shade ? " hmmm they are not the same . So i decided to explain to him the subtle differences in similar shades . Here we have a comparison between a few minty shades.  I gave away my China Glaze Refresh Mint so i can't compare that one.

Essie Absolutely Shore( i was in a hurry writing and forgot an e on the name in the swatch )  is more of a powdery white green

Essie Turquoise & Caicos leans more dark with heavy green undertones.

Finally it came down to Bettina Orchidea & Essie Mint Candy Apple and looking at the bottles they seem as dupes . I have learned to never trust bottle comparisons . If we look at the picture below i would say they were the same but on closer inspection that was not true.

The main difference between the 2 shades are the tones . Bettina is more of a green-mint and essie is more of a blue-mint . I tend to use a coat of a white matte polish under pastel colors to make them pop more . So all of the swatches were with a coat of Revlon's Powder Puff . So there you have it my friend they may look the same but clearly they are not .

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  1. Even as a polish person I wonder why I have shades that look so similar then when I need one for something you see the differences. These are all pretty though. :)