Bettina - Orchidea ( Orchid )

So since i was buying goodies for the wonderful Ashleigh from Nailbrite- a nail polish blog i stumble on a new Bettina display and just had to have this shade . It looks a lot lighter in the store so yeah go figure. Anyway for those that don't know Bettina is a local brand here in Puerto Rico. I think they are sold in Florida and trough special order trough their Facebook Page . Anyway if i remember the name of the display was "Flori" or something along those lines , sorry people i got distracted by the giant wall of Bettinas at the store.

Keep reading lovelies.............

So i usually apply 2 coats of a white matte for pastels to keep bald spots away. Then i did 2 coats of "Orchidea", i did add a few drops of thinner because i prefer a more thinner consistency on my polish but that's just me. I just got my order from Allthatglitters "hole hearted " and decided to do an accent nail with it. The "Hole Hearted" was a pain to get the glitters out and i had to use a toothpick to dig them out and place them on the nail.

Bettina can be found at Walgreens,WalMart and a lot of other places here in PR , your best course of action is to contact them directly to facebook, or either if you know someone that has access to them or get a blogging friend to send them to you.  Prices fluctuate depending on store i have seen them from $1.99 to $2.63  .  In the case of "Hole Hearted" it is available for sale at her etsy shop here. Cost is $8.00.


  1. This is a gorgeous soft mint! And I love that you did the accent with Hole Hearted. They work really well together.

    1. i sent u that shade :D package is on its way dear :D

  2. Beautiful shade I don't get why they don't sell these in NY :(