Candeo - Dolce

oh pretty in pink monday for me ... I first got on the Candeo bandwagon with Jellybean and got more colors from them and today we have Dolce. It is best described as a milky pink with hexagonal purple,white and pink glitters with some irridecent smaller ones to give it more spark. This is two coats of Chanel's Melrose with 2 coats of Dolce on top.  Dolce did need a few drops of thinner to make it easier to work with.

 On a sad note just after i finished taking the pictures for this post my dog decided to be a "scared of thunder yorkie " and jumped on me destroying my mani but oh well there is always acetone and this gives me the chance to do another mani .

On the website Dolce is described as "Dolce has a cotton candy pink base with dark pink shimmer and multiple sizes of white, holo purple & silver hex and bar glitter. Also, holo silver half moons are in the mix." All the polishes are $8.00 . She does post minis sometimes so be on the lookout if thats what you want. Right know the shop is on vacation and she will restock probably friday but if you want to be notified or to buy when its fully restocked go here.

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  1. What a gorgeous color! :) Loving all these glitter jelly/sheer based polishes.

    1. It is my mom saw the pics since i had already removed the ruined mani and asked me to paint hers she was all happy with her nails :D