Pretty & Polished - Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

Let me start by saying i seriously need a nail polish ban with the amount i have been buying latetly. That said lets get on with the show. I got this baby on her Esty shop. I saw the swatches and went to look for it, but suprise its not on the shop anymore . So i asked Chelsea if she had at least 1 left and she did ( thank uuuu !!!! )

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So on with the show. The shade its best described as a purple jelly with a heavenly amount of glitters . I used 2 coats of Opi the color to watch underneath because i wanted a super opaque finish. I didn't have to dig for glitter and it applied smoothly.

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  1. Gorgeous! And look how long your nails are! So jealous. :P

    We both need a ban on buying. Lol.