Bettina Summer Dream

Disclaimer : Following products that are reviewed where purchased by me.

So let me start by saying how sorry i'm for being away for so long ( again !! yes i know . ) I have been super busy apartment hunting and had a whole adventure doing that . Also i need your help. My cuticles look so bad :( i need new cuticle cream. I'm soooo tempted to get the Dior one since i have been hearing so many good things.So leave your suggestions in the comments.

So i stumbled ( again ) on the new Bettina collection for summer called "Summer Dream" .  I immediately gravitated towards Epic and Hopeful i will tell you why later. I have to say that i was a bit disappointed  in the previous collection( PICNIC )  formula wise but this collection made up for it . All of them are 2 coats plus 1 coat of Glisten & Glow top coat.

Ok so why did i run towards the previous mentioned shades ?  Well i was attracted to Dior Mango and Lime but missed them in stores then Macys online has them but their shipping is sucky to PR i need to ship to my sister in the states so she can then forward it to me in PR . But then this 2 shades are close enough for me so i'm happy . 

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  1. Ughhh I'm kind of disappointed that all of these colors looked recycled with just a different name; they look pretty on you though.