Chanel - Sky Line

I'm in love :D . 

Chanel Sky Line is part of the Bleu Illusion collection . It is the only nail shade in the collection. It is limited edition , but i have to say that the details on availability in the US are a bit unknown some say August 13 on Chanel stores only , but no definite answer. I went the E-vil bay route since I'm not sure if it would be available where i live.  But its available in some countries around Europe so if you have a friend it might be worth it to ask them to check it out for you.

 keep reading lovelies...........

Sky Line is best described as a metallic powdery blue. In the bottle it looks kind of frosted but once applied that goes away and you are left with a pretty shade that depending on the lighting at times can seem silver or lavender . I applied 2 coats and my top coat and it went smooth and easy to work it . It may seem when applying that you would end with a million brushstrokes but that wasn't the case .

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