Lilac pastels and other random info

So for today i have a comparison between a few shades of lilac i have . It came to be because someone said on the Bettina giveaway comments that they wanted to see "haze" swatched . I went ahead and swatched it but also compared it to other lilac shades i have and i can say that i don't have a dupe for it the closest one that i have is China Glaze Sweet Hook but Bettina Haze has more purple in it . 

On other topics i posted a pic of my new nail wheels on my Facebook page  and some of the girls so wanted the info so i thought i might as well posted here for those that don't follow me on FB .

Here is a pic of my wheels :

I have to say that these are wayyy more sturdy than even my Sally's Beauty nail wheels . I got them off ebay from this seller. He is from Hong Kong , but the it took only 2 weeks from when i ordered to when i got them . Price was $11.98 total for 3 packs of 10 nails each with 20 nail tips per wheel.

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