Candeo - Jellybean

This is for me a very spring look. I love Candeo polishes even though my Jellybean had some sinking glitter issues which Melinda promptly solved . I love great costumer service. Jellybean i can best say resembles Easter malt eggs , you know the ones . I went bare on this one only doing 2 coats of Jellybean with no color base and as you can see its very opaque. It dried fast with some fast drying top coat, i used out the door today. This one didn't need any thinner and applied beautifully.

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Candeo's description of Jellybean is " a creamy yellow base with chartreuse, lime and pink shimmer. Pink, purple and turquoise hex glitter is in the mix. " All the polishes are $8.00 . She does post minis sometimes so be on the lookout if that's what you want. Right know the shop is on vacation and she will restock probably in 2-3 weeks but if you want to be notified or to buy when its fully restocked go here.


  1. Love this color! Still sad I missed her last restock but hopefully I'll be able to catch it soon.

    1. i missed it too because i totally forgot it was during the day not at night like always